Scheiben folie

Hello to all.

I would like to put 3M folia on my A3. Don’t know exactly for now what option to choose. I can choose between Chrom folia and Dark black (90%) and Black (75%).

Please can you advice me or just send me a link or picture of your A3 and how your A3 looks like (e-mail>

I think about 3 options:

- to put on all glasses Chrom folia

- on rear dark black and front to black 75%- or just rear to 75%

Color of my A3 is silber.

Thank you for advice.


What’s law in your country about dark front glasses? And yes sorry for english but can’t write in german, hope you understand.

I think, you should choose chrom folie.

Silver and Black looks bad.

unfortunately i have no pictures for you.

the law in germany says, that you are not allowed to put any kind of „folia“ on your front panel, and also not on the front side windows.

also it is only allowed tu put folia on the back windows, if you have two side mirrors (left & right).

hope you understand my english , too.

To »dervolker1

Hm, interesting, why do you think black looks bad on silver car? A3 has all around of glass margins black fade (contrast), and „gummi“ around glass is black. I will post pictures of my A3 when I came home with Photoshop restauration :slight_smile:

[b]To »robv[b]

Do you have folie on your a3?

And yes, the same law is here in Croatia, no folia at front side windows.

And btw, I don’t want to put folia on front panel :slight_smile:

Thank you for answers.

no, i do not have any folia on my a3.

i had a deep black on my former opel.

but this car was a very dark red.

in my opinion, deep black looks good on dark colored cars.

i agree with dervolker1 to choose chrome for bright colored cars.


I have coated the rear windows of my A3 (the car color is a very dark blue) with FoliaTec folia which is blue. The folia is with a mirror effect and it looks very good in my opinion. My former car was silver and I had a very black folia at the rear windows and this looked not bad! From my point of view, silver is a „neutral“ color and you can use the blach folia. I have pictures of these cars, but I have no opportunity to put the pictures into the internet. But I have noted your E-mail-adress and I try to send them to you in the next three days! Greetings from Germany to Croatia!

Bye FlottA3er