[8P] Which is the best Gewinde in the budget class?

I'm thinking of putting a "budget" gewinde farhwerk on my A3 8P 1.6.

( I would have just bought the H&R -50/50mm springs or maybe Eibach springs and just hope that it would have lowered the car enough, but now I'm worried that it will be a somewhat bad ride; ie. that the dampers won't cope and it will be too bouncy and harsh )

So now I scraped together some more cash and I'm going to buy a fairly decent gewinde-fahrwerk, but in the budget class though. I know that Bilstein pss, KW variant 1-2-3 or maybe Patek I.S.S. are way better but they are out of my price range I'm afraid.

I'm looking at a maximum of 700 euro (preferably 600 euro)…

What should I get? What do you think is the best BANG for BUCKS?

Vogtland, Ingo Noak, FK Silverline, FK Highsport, Weitec Hicon GT…

Or the really cheap; H-Trac, V-MAX, SuperSport, DTS, AP Sport…etc…

What do you think? Experience? Do you guys have these on your car?

In advance, I thank you for ANY answers. I have to order the Fahrwerk in less than 1 week so all help are appreciated!!

Weitec Hicon GT…

Hi there, got the FK Highsport. I think it's a good "Gewinde-Fahrwerk" for its price. You may also buy the Silverline, the difference is that the Silverline has a stainless steel thread. Devil's suggestion may also be an option.

Vielen Dank. Do you have experience with Hicon GT on the 8P? What it is like?

Thanks. Yeah I heard a lot of good things about the FK gewinde. What do you think it's like to drive with. Very hard or more comfort oriented?

I would describe it as "quite hard". You may have more comfort with the Bilstein dampers (because you can vary the pressure and pull stage) but it's a bit softer than a car just with lowering springs.

Ok, thank you. Quite hard but a bit softer if I just lower it with springs and keep the Ambition dampers then?

Anyone else who wants to share their experiences??

Come on you guys…somebody got to have any kind of experience with these budget gewinde fahrwerks??

So far it's between Weitec and FK but none of them sitting on a 8P…

Really need this help to decide…otherwise I'm just stuck with the springs alone as I'm not about to throw money at an adjustable setup that I don't know anything about??

A friend of mine has also the Highsport in his 2003 8P :slight_smile:

if you want to lower your car only 25 or 30 mm, this would be an option.
when your serial (ambition) dampers are in good condition, you can change only the springs.

but you want 50 mm (or maybe more), right ? in that case a gewindefahrwerk will be the best choice.

if i would have to decide, i would prefer FK.

Thanks for all of your answers.

I just bought a mid range adjustable coilover setup - Weitec it's called :grinsno: