[8L] cup holder


is there a cup holder for Audi A3 8L pre-facelift?

any link?


You can install the cup-holder of the Seat Leon 1M…!

Please check this link:

for more information use our Wiki :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply

is there any solution without intervene to the car?

There is no regular cupholder in the 8L. Maybe in the center armrest (Mittelarmlehne) can be one…instead of the cell-phone-holder…

I am interested in that, if you have a link please post, thanks!

Not 100% correct. There is a cupholder for the 8L Facelift model. But I think many said it's easier to use the Seat Leon cupholder with the pre-facelift because the Facelift-cupholder won't fit.

There really is one for the armrest, but it's the worst position for a cupholder you can think of.

I would go for that on on the armrest, any link?